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Sleeves for packaging cut flowers, potted plants, and food products

Thanks to our long experience,
we can offer you the highest flexibility.
  • Maximum flexibility
  • 30 years of experience
  • In-house graphic design unit
  • In-house printing unit
  • Innovative technologies
  • Broad range of supports
  • Certified materials
  • Delivery in 24/48 hours
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In 2011, after 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of sleeves for flowers and plants, 3F made the crucial decision to became part of a larger, more structured industrial company of the Tipolitografia Manenti Group. The acquisition of the company by the Manenti Group, which is led by Mr. Mamenti and has been working in the printing industry for years now, was a fundamental step aimed at broadening the machine pool. As a result, a dedicated printing unit was added to the group, which allowed to increase flexibility in every type of process. While 3F offers a broad range of sleeves in standard size, both printed and plain, it can manufacture sleeves in every size in a short time. Thanks to our in-house graphic design unit, we can guarantee, even in the busy season, quick service for the creation of new designs, we can introduce changes in the design or texts, new logos, or indications of promotional activities.

our Products


Manufactured in various plastic materials, they are available in plain or printed versions, thickness from 30 to 50/60 My, with transparent perforations, bottom closure, tear-off lip for sleeve bundles, folding bottom and shopper handle.


Available in different shapes and sizes, printed on both sides on weather-proof, UV-resistant plastic materials.


Reels of plain or printed (in up to 8 colors) stickers available in paper or plastic materials.


We want top quality and cutting-edge
innovation for our products.

The materials used in our products comply with the European environmental, safety, and food contact standards. Our products are targeted to the nursery-gardening, horticultural, fruit, and confectionery markets. Printing and graphic design are entirely carried out by in-house staff of the Manenti Group.
Products are always available, with deliveries within 24/48 hours.


  • 35 to 50 MY PP Cast polypropylene film

  • 35 to 50 MY Co-extruded polypropylene film

  • 30/35 MYCRON Co-extruded anti-fog polypropylene film compliant with food contact standards

  • We manufacture sleeves/bags with heights ranging from a minimum of 15 cm to a maximum of 110 cm in 5 cm increments in tear-off version

  • Individual items (no tear-off)

  • Bundles of 50 to 100 pieces (tear-off version)

  • With bottom closing lip

  • With handle

  • With or without perforations

Our Products.

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Thanks to the creativeness of the graphic designers employed by our company, the sleeves and bags that we design and manufacture are “appreciated and sought after on both the national and international market”, mostly because they add a unique touch of class that is clearly recognized by the market as a sales booster.

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